Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Envy

Thanksgiving is that one occasion in the calendar that makes me wish for somebody else's traditions to be my own. It is such a huge thing in the USA that, by default, I want to participate too. I, too, want the long weekend, the family around the table, the special food, the celebration of all that is valuable in my life. But I live in England, not in the USA, and so I have to make do with watching from the sidelines, wishing a happy day to my many Yank-friends and checking out news and blogs from the other side of the pond while they showcase their food, their decorations and their good times. So many are writing about what they are grateful for, which prompted me to think about my life and my immediate surroundings without, for once, wishing for something other than what I've got. But today, above all days, I am just really grateful I am not a turkey.
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