Monday, November 2, 2009

In The Middle

In the middle of many things today. For a start, in the middle of Autumn, which has truly crash-landed in the back-yard, taken all the leaves off the pear tree (I swear, they were all there only yesterday) and tinged every corner in mellow light. Fabulous.

In the middle of lots of work as you can see. I must have about a ream of paper worth of editing and corrections and more reading. But this too is fabulous, beats any other work I've ever had to do ever.

In the middle of day-dreaming too, like I haven't done in ages.

In the middle of preparing a tasty soup. Parsnips, carrots, potatoes, leeks, red lentils, onions... super-thick and very easy, I really ought to give you the recipe.

In the middle of thinking about Christmas. I am going to do everything silver and white this year, with the tree in the hall instead of the lounge.

In the middle of the crochet blanket. I swear my hook was frigging smoking the other day...

In the middle of writing something completely new. A bit weird after the whole PhD thing, but exciting all the same.
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