Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Time

I’ve finally had the time to put my Christmas decorations up. I am not like a British supermarket and do not tend to deck the halls at the end of August, but I must admit that, once Bonfire Night is out of the way, I am really itching to do so. It’s because I love this time of year so much you see. Christmas decorations make me happy; they remind me of a time in my life when everything was simpler and happier and, quite frankly, nothing ever compared to getting up at some ungodly hour on Christmas Day to check whether Santa had been or not.

Recalling that excitement and my heart skipping in my chest as I found presents under the tree or in front of the nativity makes me smile and yet, makes me faintly sad. I suppose it’s not quite sadness but nostalgia which, like icing sugar, falls upon me every year at this time.

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